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Grace Alice Mukasa was born in Kampala, Uganda. She is holding dual citizenship for Uganda and UK and currently living in London. She is a proud mother of four sons and one daughter.

Grace is an accomplished international development director with a credible reputation as a transformative leader, who is passionate about gender justice and women’s rights. She has a Masters in Gender and Development from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, UK. She has also acquired an immense arsenal of knowledge, skills and expertise from field practice in different contexts and several on-the-job trainings over the years.

Social change that transforms the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable people is what drives Grace. She has a unique leadership profile as an African woman leader who has led national and international development initiatives and infrastructure development projects. She was the Executive Director  for ACFODE, a leading women’s  NGO  in Uganda. She is a proficient trainer and an authority on advocacy and policy influence. She has worked with five international NGOs leading and directing their work in Africa (18 country programs in Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa); South Asia (six country programmes); and in UK (where she was the CEO for AMREF UK). She has represented the organizations and presented papers on their behalf, usually as a key speaker and discussant on panels in international conferences and national consultations with government.

Grace is a survivor, having suffered a massive stroke in September 2016. Not one to be defined a by her circumstances, Grace now spends her time reflecting, retrieving and writing about her career experiences. It’s her hope to share with younger people especially upcoming women leaders, about how to learn, grow and develop into transformative leaders. She is also planning to share her experience of how becoming a born again Christian enabled her to overcome fear and restore her trust in God’s love and healing power.